Thank you for joining us on this special day! The action starts at Frederiksberg Town Hall at 11:30 AM on August 21 (Saturday).

Here is a quick summary of the day:

  1. Wedding Ceremony
  2. Lunch
  3. Canal Tour (optional)
  4. Exclusive After-party (optional)

The Wedding Ceremony at Frederiksberg Town Hall (11:30 AM – 12:30 NN)

Our wedding ceremony is scheduled at 11:30 AM, however, it may be slightly delayed depending on the preceding weddings and if the officiator has slept through his alarm. So please be there by 11: 20 AM. If you want to come a bit earlier, you can find us a stone’s throw away at Allegade 25C.

  • Dress code: smart casual
  • Last time we checked, there is a limit of 25 people allowed in the wedding hall. Unless the regulations have changed, the children (or sacrificial volunteers) may have to wait outside during the ceremony. Update: the capacity limit has been lifted, so everyone can join in the ceremony! PTL!
  • Please take a COVID-19 (rapid, PCR, or antibody) test within the 48 hours prior to the wedding for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

Lunch at San Marco Junior (12:30 NN – 3:30 PM)

Once the wedding ceremony activity has concluded, it is a short 140 meter walk from the Town Hall to our post-ceremony lunch location at Junior.

  • We will be serving a five-course lunch menu with free-flowing drinks: Italian welcome bubbles, wine, beer, soft drinks, and coffee.
  • Our reservation is from 12:30 noon until 3:30 PM.

Copenhagen Canal Tour (~4:00 PM – 5:30 PM)

After lunch, we’ll head over to Copenhagen’s lovely canals for a majestic hour-long boat tour! The timing may be slightly delayed depending the lines, since we cannot book for a specific time on weekends. Participation is optional but please let us know if you want to join.

The Spontaneous After-party (6 PM until you drop)

If your schedule is free and you want to party on, we might go to the park to chill or hang out in our backyard depending on the weather. Simple food and drinks may be provided. We will play this by ear and go with the flow, so expect the unexpected.

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Toby and Elena’s Wedding Day Itinerary”

  1. Siamo felici per voi . Vi auguriamo di essere sereni sempre e di essere come le colonne del
    Tempio , vicini , ma ognuno con la sua testa.
    Mamma e papร .

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