Teamfight Tactics Tournament Meta 10.14

Check out the latest update in Teamfight Tactics Tournament meta here.

Fight Night Rising is a weekly TFT tournament that attracts some of the best players in the game. Teamfight Tactics’ latest patch 10.14 dropped a couple of days ago and we are seeing more diversity. Let’s see what the pros found success with this week’s tournament and what that means for the meta. First off, here are the top 4 comps for each match:

Lobby 1 Lobby 2 Lobby 3 Lobby 4
Winner 6 Blademaster,
2 Chrono/Protector/Celestial
4 Dark Star, 4 Protector,
3 Star Guardian, 2 Infiltrator, Mystic, Paragon
6 Battlecast,
2 Dark Star, Protector, Brawler, Mystic
4 Dark Star, 2 Sniper
/Infiltrator/Protector/Celestial/Mystic, Paragon
2nd Place 4 Dark Star, 4 Celestial2 Sniper/
6 Sorcerer, 6 Star Guardian,
2 Mystic, Paragon
3 Blademaster, 4 Protector, 4 Celestial,
2 Chrono
Astro, 4 Dark Star, 2 Sniper/
3rd Place 6 Cybernetic,
2 Brawler, Sniper, Infiltrator
Astro, 2 Sniper/
4 Dark Star2 Sniper/
Infiltrator/Vanguard/Celestial/Mystic, Paragon
6 Chrono, 2 Sniper/
Celestial, Paragon
4th Place 4 Dark Star, 4 Protector,
2 Celestial/Infiltrator
6 Rebel, 2 Blaster/Brawler, Chrono 4 Dark Star2 Sniper/
6 Rebel, 2 Blaster/Brawler

From the table above we can see that Brawler/Blaster, Sorcerer/Riven, and Cybernetic have been replaced by Dark Star! Half of the top 4 comps in the tournament were powered by this guy and his friends:

Shredder + Protector into Dark Star Sniper + Protector is very strong!

Xayah holds the items for your Jhin, and the Protectors scale into the late game. This was a common occurrence throughout the tournament.

Incorporate Celestial into your comp.

60% of the top 4 comps had Celestial in their final comps. It seems that sustain is crucial especially when you have high-damage units like Jhin, which can gain full health from a single crit.

6 Battlecast actually won a lobby!

All you need is the perfect items on your Kog’Maw, a level 2 5-cost, a Battlecast spat, and of course a Jarvan 2 (because Dark Star is meta). You now have all of the info to reach Master Rank forcing Battlecast. Best of luck!

Other comps are still viable. But Dark Star is king!

Rebel and Blademaster placed in the top 4 twice, Cybernetic and Sorcerer once each. If you are uncontested and proficient with these comps, you might still find success. But stats don’t lie.

Paragon is underrated in lower-level lobbies.

Janna appears 5 times in the Top 4 compositions, including 2 of the winning comps. Her huge AOE stun is quite strong. Is Janna the new Lulu? Let’s see. I think I’m going to play her more; maybe you should too.


Play Shredder +Protector into Dark Star Sniper. Or play one of the many uncontested comps and you might just top 4. A win is a win, just sayin.

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