Teamfight Tactics 10.19 Tournament Meta

The first competitive games of Set 4 were played yesterday in Fight Night Rising – the longest-running weekly TFT tournament featuring some of the game’s best players.

Let’s take a look at the Top 4 comps, the most popular 5-cost units, and see how the winners won their games.

Top 4 Compositions

Riven and Ashe comps dominated the tournament

Riven is currently one of the strongest units in the game. The Dusk trait helps her dish out a ton of damage and her massive shield keeps her alive for a long time.

Stack her with AP items: Rabadon’s Deathcap, Ionic Spark, Sunfire Cape, Guardian Angel, etc. Jhin is Riven’s best friend; every time that Dusk made it to Top 4, Jhin was part of the comp. Jhin with Giant Slayer works great against the tanky brawlers!

Ashe hides behind the Brawlers and destroys everything! Don’t forget your Giant Slayer and Quicksilver.

The Elderwood buff makes her even more potent as the fight progresses. Nunu and Sett are the secondary carries in this comp.

A Mage comp had a convincing win in game 3. A double Jeweled Gauntlet Twisted Fate carried the team with the help of Annie and Ahri.

5-costs in Top 4 comps

Sett, Azir, and Zilean were the top picks in Top 4 comps

Sett was played in 3 of the 4 winning comps. Ever since the start of Set 4, Sett has been insanely popular! He deals insane AOE damage and is almost guaranteed to get off his skill at least once.

His skill does damage based on max HP value of the slammed unit. The more HP his victim has, the more it will hurt his pals! If Sett slams your 3-star Brawler into your backline, you are going to have a bad time.

Azir’s AOE disable can cripple the enemy team and his accompanying Sand Guards protect your carry from enemy units. He also activates the Keeper buff when played with the very popular Riven.

If Zilean manages to get his spell off, then you can claim your free Guardian Angel on two random units! This is particularly useful because there are units that can one-shot your carry (Sett, Jhin, Talon, Ahri, Veigar).

He also helps to reach the Mystic synergy, which is super awesome versus magic-based comps!

Game-winning Comps

Game 1

Treebeard played an early Cultist Keeper comp, using Jarvan to hold his Riven items. He found a Chosen Spirit Ahri. He played 4 Dusk 2 Sharpshooter with Riven and Jhin as his main carries and topped off his comp with five-cost units: Sett and Azir. He did not play Thresh. He nearly lost to Jinglee’s Zed comp in the final round, but his Ahri tanked Zed and the Spirit Bomb.

Game 2

THGSpencerZ played a Cultist opener with Zed holding his Ashe items. He found an early Chosen Brawler Nunu and transitioned into Brawlers. He was able to build an Elderwood spat for his Sett and found another on the carousel. He ended the game on 39 HP and a 12-round win streak. Barry Badden’s Dusk Keeper comp didn’t stand a chance.

Game 3

BKrisz found an early Chosen Mage Twisted Fate and stacked it with double Jeweled Gauntlet. At level 7 he added Yuumi + Janna for Mystic and Spirit and slow-rolled to find his Annie 3. Sphinx’s Warlords were no match for Annie, and Kris won the BKrisz with 34 HP and a 7 win streak.  

Game 4

Barrybadden played an early Chosen Cultist Elise with Jarvan for Keeper. It eventually became 6 Cultist + Riven. At level 8, he sold his Chosen and rolled down to find a Chosen Dusk Cassiopeia. He added Zilean, Aatrox, and Jhin for the Mystic, Sharpshooter, Vanguard, and Cultists synergies (that’s a lot of synergies). A last-second Zephyr placement hit Treebeard’s Riven, securing Barry the win.


Dusk Riven feat. Jhin and Ashe Brawler were the strongest comps today, but Mage and Warlord managed to beat them in game three. Dusk and Sett are going to be nerfed in the upcoming patch, so play them while you can! Sett, Azir, and Zilean were the most popular 5-costs. Congrats to Treebeard for winning this week’s Fight Night!

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