Teamfight Tactics Tournament Meta 10.17

8 of the top Latin American players battled for 2 spots in the TFT Galaxies World Championship Finals. It was one of the first professional tournaments played post-mech hotfix on patch 10.17.

A big congrats to Calcifer and Cupidita who will be representing Latin America in the TFT Galaxies World Championship Finals! Calcifier won 3 of the 4 games played today, and Cupidita went Top 2 in 2 of the games (he also won the first game which was played last week) to join him.

Now let’s see what comps are trending and what had success, then discover how to play these comps more effectively.

You can watch the replay on lolesportsla’s Twitch channel.

Comp Trends

Comp Times played Top 4
6 Cybernetic 7 3
6 Star Guardian 5 2
Astro Sniper 4 0
Dark Star 3 1
6 Battlecast 3 3
Xayah Blademaster 2 2
Mech 2 2
6 Rebel Jinx 2 1
Chrono 2 1
Yi Blademaster 1 1
Space Pirate 1 0

Top 4 comps

Lobby 1 Lobby 2 Lobby 3 Lobby 4
Winner Dark Star Vanguards Mech Xayah Blademaster Xayah Blademaster
2nd Cybernetic Cybernetic Yi Blademaster Mech
3rd Rebel Jinx 6 Chrono Cybernetic Star Guardian
4th Star Guardian Battlecast Battlecast Battlecast

The Xayah Shredder comp claimed 2 victories

LATAM Qualifier winner Calcifer won 2 games with a 3-star Xayah-powered 6 Blademaster comp. In Game 3, he played Urgot and 2 Shens to counter a Yi/Zed Blademaster comp. In Game 4, he added Mystic (Karma + Lulu) and Thresh to defeat a strong Mech composition.

If you want to learn how to play this comp, here is an excellent, up-to-date Challenger ranked guide for Xayah Shredder.

Astro Sniper to Dark Star transition successful!

Calcifier played an Astro Sniper comp, then transitioned into a Dark Star comp when he found a Xerath 2. Who would have known that Teemo was just an item holder for Xerath. It was ridiculously strong and he ended the game with 44 HP. If you’ve been wondering how to make your Astro Sniper comp stronger, this might be it!

Viktor’s Mech + loads of Legendaries crushed a puny Cybernetic comp

elpepi received a lot of flak from Twitch chat today, but he also showed us that even with the nerf (hotfix), Mech can still kick butt! He ended the game with 2 2-star Gangplanks and 62 HP! This isn’t your mother’s Viktor Mech comp!

Here is a great, updated guide from a Challenger ranked Mech player. And here is some tournament analysis on Mech Viktor from yours truly.

Iconic Duo: Cybernetic and Chrono

Cybernetic was the most played comp and the Cybernetic and Chrono traits go together like bread and butter. 7 of the 8 Chrono units enable Cybernetic class synergies: Blademaster, Sniper, Blaster, Brawler, Mana-reaver, and Vanguard.

But which Chrono units are the most important? One unit appeared in 100% of the Cybernetic endgame comps played today. His name…

Wukong! This magnificent mighty monkey helps Vayne (the primary Cybernetic carry) stay far away from enemy units and maximize her Sniper bonus. Wukong also provides a much needed AOE disable!

Caitlyn enables the Sniper bonus for Vayne, so she is almost always the second Chrono unit on the board until Thresh shows up. When that happens, Caitlyn can be replaced with Ashe to increase Cybernetic crowd control capabilities.

Additional Tips for Cybernetic Success

  • Prioritize items for Vayne. Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Giant Slayer are her best items. Multiple Giant Slayers is an option when you can’t find other components.
  • The best Spatula item/unit combination is Infiltrator Irelia. It lets her reach the squishy carries and enables the Infiltrator trait for Ekko.
  • If you make it to level 9, Thresh pulling in strong units (Urgot > Blitz, Janna, Asol, etc.) is probably your best bet for victory.
  • Lucian can be your early game carry, and is the item holder for Ekko. Red Buff is his favorite item but Morello can work too.

Let’s take a look at 6 Star Guardian

Star Guardian was played a lot today. Here are some key observations:

  • Prioritize items for Neeko and Syndra.
  • Syndra’s best item is Blue Buff. After that AP items are ideal. The changes to Hextech Gunblade make it a viable option and Giant Slayer can be slammed too. If you can’t find 2 Tears, Shojin is an alternative.
  • Neeko wants tanky items. Warmog’s almost doubles her HP which makes her Protector shield absorb massive damage. Ionic Spark increases the team’s overall magic damage input. QSS is important vs disable-heavy lineups and lobbies with a lot of Zephyrs. Guardian Angel is great value because she’s likely to cast her skill and get a fresh shield.
  • Rakan (or Xin) and Lulu are the Star Guardians’ best friends, enabling 3 key synergies: Celestial, Protector, and Mystic.


A lot of comps are viable. Cybernetic is the most popular, followed by 6 Star Guardian and Astro Sniper. Wukong is a staple in Cybernetic comps and Astro Sniper may be a transitional comp that ends up as Dark Star Vanguard. Also, Battlecast went 4th place in 3 out of 4 games; talk about a Top-4 comp!

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