Teamfight Tactics Tournament Meta 10.16

Fight Night Rising is a weekly TFT tournament featuring some of the best players in the game. It is also the first competitive event of patch 10.16. This week’s tournament included some big names and rising stars. Some interesting Blademaster comp variations were played. Let’s dive right in!

Compositions in the Top 4

  • 5 Blademaster
  • 4 Dark Star (1 victory powered by a 3-star Ashe)
  • 3 Rebel/Brawler/Blaster
  • 1 Peeba
  • 1 Mech/Infiltrator + Victor
  • 1 Astro Sniper
  • 1 Cybernetic

Blademasters claimed 2 victories, Rebels with Gangplank had a convincing win, and a 3-star Ashe Dark Star comp narrowly defeated a strong Mech Infiltrator

Lobby #1

In the first lobby, NarkezTFT‘s 6-Rebel Blaster + Gangplank defeated Mismatched Socks’s Rebel Blademasters. Sock’s went from 34 to 7, to 0 hp in the final rounds. The 2-star Legendaries were too much for the 2-star Blademasters.

Lobby #2

In the second lobby, Treebeard‘s Shredder-type Blademasters dominated the early game but nearly lost to Wojtek’s Cybernetics. He managed to outposition Wojtek in the final round and claim the victory. By the end of the lobby, he had 3-starred 4 units (Riven included).

Lobby #3

In the third lobby, Mismatched Socks‘s added a 2-star Ekko (for the Cybernetic and Infiltrator synergies) to his Rebel Blademaster comp. He had a double-knockout in the final round and ended on 42 HP. I believe the Red Buff Ekko and the 3-star Shen had something to do with his success. Side note: he played Blademaster comps in every lobby.

Lobby #4

In the final lobby, Narkez was on 1 HP, but his 3-Star Ashe with Shojin, Deathcap, and Hand of Justice managed to bring him victory over Woijtek’s strong Mech Infiltrator comp (featuring Rapidfire Cannon Gangplank).

There were several Blademaster variations

Thresh was played in 4 out of the 5 successful Blademaster comps. His role has not changed, he pulls in Urgot, Janna, Lulu, Soraka, Blitzcrank etc. But wait, there’s more! Irelia + Thresh = Mana-Reaver synergy!

Common 6-Blademaster variations:

  • Shredder – Xayah carry with Jarvan + Rakan
  • Master Yi 3
  • Rebel+Cybernetic Blademasters – Ekko and Zed complete the synergies
  • Cybernetic Blademasters – Uses Fizz instead of Zed

Master Yi 3 appeared 0 times today. It was heavily contested and the 3-star version was also nerfed in this patch. But Master Yi with RFC feels so good!

Hand of Justice was built a lot on carries

Hand of Justice was recently reworked (buffed) and is now a more viable item option for your comp’s carry. Ekko, Jinx, Irelia, Shaco, Gangplank, and even the Mech, had good results with HOJ. If your carry needs a damage/sustain item, but you only get Tears, HOJ is the answer! Sometimes.

Ekko is a good unit

Ekko appeared 6 times in Top 4 comps. He’s a no-brainer for Cybernetics, but consider him when you need to strengthen your Rebel Blademaster or Mech Infiltrator comp. He can also play Dark Star comps alongside Shaco. Ekko likes Red Buff/Morello, Rabadon’s, Ionic Spark, and HOJ.

Star Guardian and Battlecast were unsuccessful

Not a single Star Guardian Sorcerer-based comp made it into the Top 4. It was uncontested every game but only managed to place 5th at best. Reroll Battlecast was played twice; similar results. Not a single person played Mystic Vanguards.


Blademaster-based comps are surging in popularity, but success came from Dark Star and buffed Rebel blaster comps too. Hand of Justice is a good option when you have unwanted Tears. And Ekko is a good endgame unit. Also, Teemo Shrooms cancel Darius’ dunk. Congrats to Wojtek for winning 1st place this week!

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