Teamfight Tactics Tournament Meta: Nebula Semifinals Group 1

Cloud9’s TFT tournament is now in the semifinal stage. Today, some of the best TFT players in the NA region battled for spots in the finals. Composition diversity continues to flourish, and I like what I see. Let’s dive in!

Compositions in the Top 4

  • 3 Cybernetic
  • 3 Dark Star/Protector/Celestial
  • 2 Blademaster
  • 2 Mech
  • 2 Brawler/Blaster/Rebel
  • 1 Astro Sniper
  • 1 Peeba (Legendary-based)
  • 1 Star Guardian
  • 1 Battlecast

Cybernetic was the biggest winner

Cybernetic was nowhere to be seen in the Fight Night Rising series yesterday, but today SleetTFT won 2 lobbies with them to secure the top spot. Nice one, Sleet! Note that both wins happened in the Binary Star galaxy.

Cybernetic won 1st and 2nd place in the 3rd lobby, so this comp can definitely support more than one player.

Cybernetic’s playstyle hasn’t changed much since the addition of Vayne and Urgot, but the recent Irelia and Lucian buffs are worth noting.

thatsPRIMAL’s guide to Cybernetics.

Cybernetic build guide by Excoundrel.

Astro Sniper and Peeba had a close fight in the final match

Polt and his Astro Snipers were at 1 HP, but he managed to pick up a Wukong 3 before the final round to grab a win over Cottontail‘s Peeba (6 2-star Legendaries) comp.

Blademasters are still slicing and dicing

Saintvicious handed a Protector spatula to Riven, creating the Ultimate Shield Generator. Blademaster best buds Xayah, Master Yi, Irelia, and Riven carried the team to a win. If you’re planning to try out this comp, don’t forget your Rakan or Lulu for the Celestial buff. Blademasters are also seeing more love in the Korean qualifiers.

Dark Star is not dead

3 Dark Star-based comps appeared in the Top 4 using Jhin and Shaco as the primary carries, backed up by Celestial Protectors. Mech and Astro Sniper comps also utilized Shaco and Jhin.

It seems like the Dark Star trait has been toned down reasonably and is finding its place in other comps. Not a single person activated the 6 Dark Star trait.

Jarvan was spotted twice in Top 4 boards; his reign of terror is over, probably. Jhin and Shaco are seeing more of the spotlight these days.

Mech shows up again

ThatsPRIMAL and M35S managed to pilot their Mechs to 3rd place finishes. They both played Mech Infiltrator and topped their comps off with Star Guardians and Sorcerers.

Polt did not have the same success and finished 5th and 6th in his attempts. GrandVice8 also played an early Mech, then transitioned into Dark Star Protectors for a 4th place finish.

Battlecast uncontested, snags a 3rd place finish

All Kiyoon had to do was 3-star his Kog’maw, Illaoi, and Nocturne and grab a Battlecast spatula. It seems like Battlecast is not a strong contender in the tournament meta so far.

Brawler/Blaster/Rebel continues to deliver average results

Jinx and friends continue to show consistent results. No wins, but hey, a Top 4 is a Top 4. The comp finished a lobby in 3rd and another in 4th.


A lot of comps are viable. Cybernetic was the strongest today. Dark Star units are finding their place in multiple comps. Mech and Rebel/Blaster/Brawler are viable. Blademasters need their 3-star Master Yi or Xayah to carry. Battlecast is not very popular in tournament play.

If you’re looking for Guides to Rebel/Blaster/Brawler, Astro Sniper, and Blademaster comps, look no further!

Tune into Cloud9’s Twitch stream tomorrow to watch the second group or to view the today’s VOD. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to cover it, I’ll be camping this week.

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