Teamfight Tactics Tournament Meta 10.15

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Fight Night Rising is a weekly TFT tournament that attracts some of the best players in the game. It is also the first competitive event of the 10.15 patch. Let’s see what the pros found success with this week’s tournament and what that means for the meta. I’ve also included links to relevant comp guides.

Compositions in the Top 4

  • 3 Astro Sniper
  • 3 Brawler/Blaster/Rebel
  • 2 Star Guardian
  • 2 Vanguard Mystic
  • 2 Mech + Jhin
  • 1 Blademaster
  • 1 Battlecast
  • 1 Dark Star
  • 1 Space Pirate Vanguard Sniper

Cybernetic made an appearance in the first game (an 8th) and was never seen again. However, Cybernetic dominated in day 1 of the Nebula Semifinals.

Astro Sniper and Rebel/Blaster/Brawler are hot

Grab a Blue Buff and Morello for Teemo and give Jhin some AD items (Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Deathblade, Giant Slayer) and 1 defensive item (Guardian Angel, Trap Claw, Quicksilver Sash).

Astro Sniper guide by Maskoff758.

1-Trick Teemo Carry Guide by The Great Lakes.

Get your Jinx online with Red Buff, Infinity Edge, Deathblade, Giant Slayer, and Runaan’s; then surround her with Rebels and Brawlers. Please read the real guide below, I will not take responsibility for any lost LP.

Rebels guide by Giant Slayer TFT.

Jinx-Brawler guide by The Great Lakes.

Vanguard Mystic is still a solid contender

Empower Cassiopeia with Blue Buff and Morello and equip Jayce with Ionic Spark and other Tanky Boi items.

Here’s a much better guide from thatsPRIMAL.

Mech Pilot is back with a twist

Both times that Mech Pilot hit Top 4, Jhin and Shaco were present. I wonder if other Dark Star units are viable. Perhaps we’ll see 6 Dark Star + Mech comps soon (please don’t). Start off with Ziggs for the Demolitionist buff, then transition to Gangplank if/when you find him.

Finish your comp with Legendaries or splash in Celestial/Sniper with Lulu + Ashe.

Uncontested Star Guardian is strong

You should try to hit Syndra 3 with Blue Buff. Neeko goes in the front with defensive items (Ionic Spark, Warmog’s, Guardian Angel). Rakan and Lulu add Protector, Celestial, and Mystic traits. If there are other Star Guardian players in the lobby, prepare to have a rough time.

Blademasters gunna Blademaster

Zed with a Blademaster Spatula is very strong. Combine him with Fizz and you have a Rebel Blademaster Infiltrator; pretty strong stuff! Rapidfire Cannon helps to keep him out of harm’s way.

6 Blademaster comp from JinxedJK.

Winner 2nd Place
Lobby 1: Star Cluster Astro Sniper, Brawler 4 Brawler, Blaster, Rebel
Lobby 2: Plunder Planet 6 Star Guardian 4 Dark Star
Lobby 3: Treasure Trove 6 Blademaster 6 Rebel, Blaster, Brawler
Lobby 4: Treasure Trove 6 Star Guardian Astro Snipers, Vanguard


There seems to be a healthy variety of viable comps. Blue buff is a highly contested item: it is core in Astro Sniper, Vanguard Mystic, and Star Guardian compositions. When in doubt, grab the tear. If you’re new to TFT and want to learn more, here are some quick tricks that helped me reach Master rank.

A big congrats to Yauboio for winning this week’s Fight Night Rising!

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