Teamfight Tactics Tournament Meta: TFT Galaxies Championship – CIS Qualifiers

8 of the top CIS players played 6 games to secure slots in the upcoming EUROPE MENIA CIS QUALIFIERS – FINALS. I have noticed a very interesting trend in the sub-meta (if that’s a word).

Dark Star continues to dominate the meta, however, the Chrono trait was the key to victory!

66% of the winning (1st place) comps had Wukong, 50% had Thresh+Wukong, and the Caitlyn+Twisted Fate duo secured 2 wins.

In the previous patch, Thresh was primarily used to pull in Urgots for Cybernetic comps; now he’s also helping to pull in more Dark Stars and Janna.

Wukong provides the Vanguard buff for the Dark Stars.

Wukong has always been a solid front-line unit with his strong AOE disable. Throw him into the Dark Star comp to provide crowd control and activate Mordekaiser’s carry potential. For a really good time, add Thresh at level 9 to pull in Urgot, Janna, and other members of the Dark Star family.

Twisted Fate and Caitlyn provide a strong early game and open up the possibility of Sorcerer and Sniper synergies in Dark Star comps.

These two low-cost, high-impact units can also be used with Ashe and Star Guardian/Sorcerer comps.

Surround your carries with other units to keep them safe in this Infiltrator-infested meta.

This added distance also helps your Snipers get the distance-based damage buff on those pesky Infiltrators. Here is a winning example from Kawashik:

The opposing player’s Ekko and Shaco cannot reach the Ashe or Jhin. Also note also how his opponent is protecting the Xerath.

This time I’ve included the main traits and the itemized units of the Top 2 comps:

Winner 2nd Place
Lobby 1: Galactic Armory 4 Star Guardian, 2 Infiltrator/Sorcerer/Mystic/Celestial/Protector/Paragon
Itemized: Syndra, Neeko, Ekko
6 Cybernetic, 2 Sniper/Infiltrator/Mana-Reaver + Thresh
Itemized: Irelia, Vayne
Lobby 2: Neekoverse 4 Dark Star/Protector/Celestial, 2 Mystic/Sniper/Vanguard
Itemized: Jhin, Mordekaiser
3 Blademaster, 2 Dark Star/Celestial/Protector/Mystic
Itemized: Xayah, Jarvan, Jhin
Lobby 3: Normal 4 Dark Star, 2 Sniper/Vanguard/Chrono + Thresh
Itemized: Mordekaiser, Jarvan
4 Dark Star + 2 Infiltrator/Sniper/Protector/Mystic/Celestial
Itemized: Shaco, Ashe, Jhin
Lobby 4: Galactic Armory 4 Dark Star, 2 Sniper/Vanguard/Chrono/Protector/Celestial/Mystic + Thresh
Itemized: Jhin, Jarvan, Rakan, Ashe
6 Dark Star, 2 Infiltrator/Celestial/Protector/Mystic
Itemized: Shaco, Jhin, Xerath, Jarvan, Ekko
Lobby 5: Normal 4 Protector, 2 Sniper/Sorcerer/Dark Star/Chrono/Celestial/Mystic, 3 Star Guardian
Itemized: Ashe, Jarvan, Zoe, Twisted Fate
4 Vanguard/Mystic/2 Dark Star/Chrono
Itemized: Cassiopeia, Mordekaiser
Lobby 6: Trade Sector 4 Chrono, 2 Dark Star, 2 Mystic/Sorcerer, Paragon + Thresh
Itemized: Thresh, Jarvan, Janna
6 Rebel, 2 Blaster/Brawler, Paragon,
Itemized: Jinx, Zed, Asol, Ezreal


Most players are going for Dark Star. If you’re planning to play Dark Star too, consider adding Wukong and Thresh or Caitlyn/Twisted Fate. The Chrono trait makes your Jhin hit very hard if the fight goes the distance. We have a healthy variety of comps in the Top 2, but Dark Star is still the best.

If you want to master the Dark Star comp, I highly recommend checking out this Dark Star guide by Guubums.

The qualifier replay can be viewed here.

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