TFT Tournament Meta 11.2b

24 of NA’s best TFT players duked it out over the weekend in the Cloud9 Fates NA Qualifier. 16 players were eliminated in the first two days, and 8 players advanced to the final day. I’ll break down the top comps, run through the transitions of the game-winning boards, and look at some interesting stats …

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Free TFT Tournaments

These free TFT tournaments do not have rank restrictions or entry requirements and are 100% free to join. I’ve added a new section for free tournaments that have restrictions such as rank and location. There is also a third section for irregular, one-off, and other miscellaneous tournaments. Some of the Discord servers host additional events …

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Teamfight Tactics Tournament Meta: Nebula Semifinals Group 1

Cloud9’s TFT tournament is now in the semifinal stage. Today, some of the best TFT players in the NA region battled for spots in the finals. Composition diversity continues to flourish, and I like what I see. Let’s dive in! Compositions in the Top 4 3 Cybernetic 3 Dark Star/Protector/Celestial 2 Blademaster 2 Mech 2 Brawler/Blaster/Rebel 1 Astro …

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